Tech in the World

Executive Team 2015

Ankit Gupta

Co-Director 2015

Ankit Gupta is a Harvard sophomore in Currier House. He is concentrating in Computer Science and Mathematics, and is particularly interested in doing cool things with computer science, including international development. He is also broadly interested in science and technology as a whole, and you will often find him reading about electric cars and space travel.

Tom Silver

Co-Director 2015

Tom is a Harvard sophomore in Mather House. He is concentrating in Computer Science and Mathematics with a secondary in Statistics. He also has interests in education, molecular biology, and politics. As President of the Digital Literacy Project, he founded a middle school computer science education program in Boston. His favorite computer science areas include large data analysis, theoretical computer science, and web development. He currently is interning at Google, and ultimately hopes to pursue a career in computational biology. He enjoys coding, coffee, and corgis.

Executive Team 2014

Victoria Gu

Co-Director 2014

Victoria Gu is a junior at Harvard studying Computer Science. She has worked on data analytics and machine learning at Jana Care, a health care technology startup in Bangalore that is revolutionizing diabetes care. She developed interactive visualizations of multi-dimensional patient data in order for nutritionists to provide better care for their patients. The summer before, she was a PRISE fellow and bioinformatics research intern at the Data Farber Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Computational Biology, authoring and presenting a poster at the Quantitative Genomics (PQG) Conference at Harvard Medical School. On campus, Victoria serves as a co-president of Harvard College Developer's for Development, a group coordinator in PBHA's Chinatown Afterschool Program, the only free tutoring and academic enrichment program for underserved primary school students in Chinatown, and a Teaching Fellow for Harvard's undergraduate course in discrete math. She is most comfortable with Python, OCaml, and C.

Alisa Nguyen

Co-Director 2014

Alisa Nguyen is a junior at Harvard University studying computer science. Last summer, she worked at Google on their Speech Recognition team developing an internal tool to track and visualize system metrics, as well as on the Vietnamese grammar. Previously, she has held a product management and marketing internship at Southeast Asian e-commerce startup Zalora Vietnam, and an internship with the Machine Translation group at Microsoft Research. At Harvard, she currently serves as a teaching fellow for "CS50: Introduction to Computer Science" and co-president of Harvard College Developers for Development, and is the immediate past co-President of Harvard Vietnamese Association and co-director of Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment, an after school tutoring program for recently immigrated youth in an underserved neighborhood of Boston. She is most comfortable with Java, C and Python.

Tech in the World 2014 Fellows

Ruth Fong

Tech in the World 2014 Fellow

Ruth Fong is a junior at Harvard University studying Computer Science and Biology. Last summer, Ruth worked at Apple, where she improved and implemented various HTML5 features for Safari and the open source WebKit project. Previously, she has interned at Microsoft, where she developed a diagnostic tool that hardware device manufacturers correctly author a Windows 8 device app. Ruth also developed an iOS and mobile web app that allows Harvard students to order bagged meals to-go from Harvard's dining halls. At Harvard, Ruth conducts research in biologically-inspired computer vision algorithms as a research assistant for the Cox lab. Ruth has also served as a course assistant for "CS50: Introduction to Computer Science" and webmaster of Harvard's Women in CS. Outside of the CS community, Ruth leads a bible study in the Asian-American Christian Fellowship, dances in the Asian-American Dance Troupe, and volunteers in the PBHA Chinatown Big Sibs program. She is most comfortable with Python, Java, and C.

Erik Schluntz

Tech in the World 2014 Fellow

Erik Schluntz is a junior at Harvard University studying Electrical Engineering. He started a tech company called Posmetrics while a freshman, and ended up taking time off from school to work on it full time in California. While there, he went through Y Combinator, raised a seed round of over $500k, and was eventually acquired for an undisclosed sum, allowing him to return to Harvard. Erik built the data analysis and visualization platform that was central to Posmetrics’ product using Python and D3, as well as ran sales and marketing. Before starting Posmetrics, Erik was a semifinalist in the Harvard President’s Challenge, where his team devised an economically sustainable business plan to remove sewage and other waste from slums around the world. Erik is currently doing computer vision research for a lab group at Harvard, and does competitive robotics with a team at MIT.

Ramya Rangan

Tech in the World 2014 Fellow
Rangan is a sophomore at Harvard University pursing a Computer Science concentration. She is interested in a variety of topics at the intersection of computer science and biology. Last summer, she worked at Yelp to develop a Python-based data analytics and metrics tool with their internationalization team. Previously, Ramya was a research assistant with MIT’s Computational Biology under Bonnie Berger, where she developed and tested algorithms to manage and analyze RNA sequence data. Ramya is also an avid teacher, working as a volunteer teacher with Girls Who Code and serving as a Course Assistant for the undergraduate introductory computer science class and proof-based linear algebra class. She is currently the Events Chair for Harvard’s Women in CS.

Andrew Liu

Tech in the World 2014 Fellow

Andrew is a junior pursuing an AB/SM degree in math and computer science. He is currently a research assistant in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory investigating computational models of human cognition, as well as a full-time student building perspective and personal vision through learning experiences like Tech in the World. Andrew was previously a data scientist and pedagogical researcher at Udacity, an algorithmic trader at Jump Trading, and a finalist in the Siemens and Intel science competitions for his research on transplant rejection at Stanford Medical School.

Executive Team 2013

Brandon Liu

Co-Founder and Co-Director 2013

Brandon Liu is a junior at Harvard studying Computer Science. He has worked on testing infrastructure at Asana, full-stack Rails development at Knewton as an NYC Turing Fellow, and distributed key-value datastores at RapLeaf. He was also Lead Developer for Remindavax, an EMR solution for maternal health in rural India serving over 3500 mothers. On campus, Brandon was Technical Director at HackHarvard and was a Teaching Fellow for Harvard's undergraduate course in data structures and algorithms. Brandon also provides consulting and IT services to startups and student organizations, and teaches a Skillshare class on technical decision-making for non-technical founders at the Harvard Innovation Lab.

Joshua Lee

Co-Founder and Co-Director 2013

Joshua Lee is a junior at Harvard University studying computer science. Last summer he worked at Pivotal Labs, a software consulting firm based in SF, where he consulted for VMWare and built a front end interface for CloudFoundry (VMWare's new Platform as a Service) in Ruby on Rails. At Harvard, he has served as a teaching fellow for "CS50: Introduction to Computer Science" and "CS51: Introduction to Computer Science II", where he taught section, held office hours, as well as graded problem sets and tests. He is most comfortable with Ruby on Rails, Java, OCaml, and C.

Christian Anderson

Founding Fellow 2013

Christian Anderson is a senior at Harvard studying mathematics, physics, and computer science. He leads research projects in physics, and he has worked as a research assistant for Harvard's Kennedy School of Government studying the role of social media in electoral politics. Christian is a free software/free knowledge devotee who has been a prominent contributor to Wikipedia and coded for free software projects. For the past two years, Christian has been a teaching fellow for Harvard's course on algorithms. He is a Python guru who has development experience in a half-dozen languages and various web frameworks.

Salvatore Rinchiera

Founding Fellow 2013

Salvatore Rinchiera is passionate about expanding technology into areas that have traditionally lacked its influence. A junior at Harvard College, he serves as Project Manager for the Harvard Computer Society, where he leads the design and creation of applications aimed at empowering the Harvard community. He works to expose computer science students to the diverse opportunities available in their field. He has interned at ZocDoc, where he contributed to improving the quality of patient-healthcare interaction through consumer technology. He also created and open-sourced a visualization application for monitoring live data built on the .NET framework. Interested in entrepreneurship, Salvatore navigated the growing start-up scene in New York City as a Turing Fellow. He currently works as a teaching fellow for Systems Programming and Machine Organization, an undergraduate course at Harvard.

Mateus Falci

Documentarian 2013

Mateus Falci is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Visual and Environmental Studies: Film Production with a secondary concentration in music. At Harvard, Mateus is Executive Producer of the comedy news show On Harvard Time and also a director at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. As the documentarian for Tech in the World's pilot program, he will continue his interest and practice of making documentary films abroad that began in South Korea in 2011 and continued in Qatar and Lebanon in 2012.


David Ager, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School

David Ager is Senior Fellow within Executive Education at Harvard Business School. Professor Ager's research focuses on the leadership and organizational challenges that firms face as they conduct post-acquisition integration.

From 2004 to 2012 Professor Ager served as a faculty member and the director of undergraduate studies in the Sociology Department at Harvard University. Professor Ager offered courses on leadership, organizational sociology, and field research methods. In 2008 he introduced the first undergraduate course on Social Entrepreneurship at Harvard College with an emphasis on using entrepreneurial approaches to create for-profit, not-for-profit, and hybrid ventures to address social problems and bring about social change.

Professor Ager holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior, a joint degree granted by Harvard Business School and Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He also holds an Honors B.Sc. in Economics and Human Biology from the University of Toronto, an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario and a Master's degree in Sociology from Harvard University. Ager serves as an advisory board member to several organizations including The Resolution Project, Main Street, Lead Us Today, Tech in the World and Styleta.

Jackie Stenson

Co-Founder of Essmart

Jackie Stenson is passionate about technology dissemination. As a Preceptor in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Jackie focuses on supporting student initiatives in design, innovation and entrepreneurship. She is also the co-founder of Essmart, a social enterprise in southern India that creates a marketplace for essential, life-improving technologies in local retail shops. Jackie’s background is in technology design and dissemination in developing countries, including 11 African countries and India. She studied mechanical engineering at Harvard and Engineering for Sustainable Development at the University of Cambridge.

Annie Ryu

Co-Founder and CEO of Global Village Fruits

Annie Ryu is a senior and prolific social entrepreneur at Harvard College. She has installed water chlorination units, developed a pediatric malnutrition treatment program, and built latrines with student teams as Associate Director of the NGO Children of the Border in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. She has researched prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Nicaragua to provide policy recommendations to UNICEF and the Ministry of Health. She co-founded and co-directs Remindavax, an mHealth initiative focused on improving adherence to crucial healthcare and currently serving over 4,000 mother-child pairs in rural southern India. She is the founder and CEO of Global Village Fruits, a company that won Harvard’s 2012 Innovation Challenge for work importing delicious, healthy, and organic jackfruit products from farmers cooperatives in rural southern India. Annie was one of Glamour’s 2012 Top Ten College Women and is part of the inaugural class of Global Good Fund Fellows.

Photo provided by Brian Marcus, Photo Editor for Glamour Magazine